Wheeled manned and self-driven material handling systems

For more than 20 years, our partner, Gaussin, has been delivering automated solutions to customers that are critical to productivity, repeatability and security constraints. Semi-automatic, remote controlled or automated, Gaussin offers turnkey solutions to meet the growing demand for automation in the freight container market.

The Gaussin subsidiary “PAS” – Port Automation System – supports the fleet management system and the advanced projects of autonomous solutions, which require advanced software for navigation, localization and environmental perception.



ATT lift & Docking station

The ATT (Automotive Terminal Trailer) is a vehicle specially designed for the horizontal transport in ports. It is reliable, easy to use and the most competitive machine on the market. Combined with the docking station, the ATT can independently unload containers in the semi-automatic mode and return quickly to the quayside. The ATT is perfect with regard to low OPEX and high availability and is available with hydrostatic or electric drive, load capacity 70to with single or double axles.


AIV/AGV wurde speziell für automatisierte Terminals entwickelt. Navigation erfolgt durch Transponder oder vollautomatisiert. Sehr kurzer Wenderadius und geringstes Gewicht am Markt zeichnen den AIV vor allem aus. Kombiniert mit der PowerPack Technologie, ist es möglich die Energiequelle vom Gerät zu trennen. Das AIV/AGV ist perferkt im Hinblick auf niedrigen OPEX und hohe Verfügbarkeit im automatisierten Betrieb und ist lieferbar mit hydrostatischem oder elektrischem Antrieb mit Schnell – Lade und Wechseltechnik, Tragkraft 70to mit Einfach oder Doppelaxe. Durch die Tochtergesellschaft “Port Automation System” bietet Gaussin eine volleinheitliche Lösung inklusive Lageplan, Simulationen, Navigationssystem und Flottenmanagement.


The ACT is an automatic coil supplier, which is ideally suited for steel, aluminium or paper rolls. Fully autonomous and equipped with the latest technology in the field of sensor technology and navigation, positioning and mapping. The ACT is also characterized by an electric drive train, fast-charging batteries and a quick-change station. Load capacity according to customer requirements.


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